If you’re passing through Midtown and you’re craving some larb, swerve to the east fifties and every other storefront will be a Thai restaurant. It can get a little overwhelming, but Wondee Siam is always a good choice. It’s nothing fancy, but if you want good penang curry or some pineapple fried rice that you’ll want to mash up and make a night retainer out of, hit up Wondee. The whole fried snapper should be ordered as well (because it’s $22 and it’ll get you through the winter).
A prawn dish of gung pao nahm phrik mapraow, was a first course with an unexpected kick to it at the end. A green papaya salad with beans, peanuts and tomatoes was a refreshing touch between the spicier courses. To finish, salted palm sugar ice cream may not sound like anything special but this is one of the best desserts in the city, in both Thai and non-Thai restaurants. Fantastic, authentic food, great service and ambience, Som Saa deserves all its accolades and repeat visits from all Thai food lovers. Mango Tree is a fine dining Halal Thai restaurant in Belgravia, London
This new, slightly upscale seafood-centric Noho spot from a pair of Thai-born brothers (who worked at one of Bangkok’s most renowned restaurants and for Tom Colicchio, respectively) may join the ranks of Uncle Boons and Pok Pok. For now, it’s still working out the kinks, but the southern-style coconut-crab curry, packed with juicy king-crab meat, is alone worth a visit. All you can eat Sushi Buffet Japanese Food.
This spot may have slipped downhill a bit since its heyday as a hangout for the Thai Airways flight crews that came through Sea-Tac Airport in the '90s, but it was atop a high hill; that is to say, the quality remains good, all things considered. Branches in Capitol Hill and Redmond save aficionados the travel to Tukwila for gai hor bai toey (pandan-wrapped chicken) or noteworthy seafood dishes like hor mok (salmon and red curry steamed in a banana leaf). Yum Yum Sab - Thai Restaurant

Their spice rating is totally fuked. They have spicy 1-4. "It's Thai spicy," I hear them say. "So it's way spicier than other Thai restaurants." It's like they think they are cool because they rate their spice level on a scale completely different than every other Thai restaurant in America. I've hear different people at different times sitting at different tables get totally confused about this, and end up ordering their food at 1.5 stars, or .8 stars.

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When May Chaleoy came to America in 1997, she planned to learn English and then return to her native Bangkok. Instead, she opened Washington’s best Thai restaurant, a tamarind-scented oasis on Vashon Island (a 15-minute ferry ride from Seattle, where her former eponymous restaurant was located). Inside you’ll find 60 seats surrounded by carved teak and mahogany panels and lotus-petal light fixtures imported from Thailand. Still, it’s the food that commands your attention: central Thai classics like green curry (made from scratch with green chiles, Thai eggplant, coconut cream, and shipped-from-the-motherland Kaffir lime skin) and moo satay (yellow curry grilled pork skewers). But the pad thai is perhaps most memorable (and certainly most authentic): servers deliver banana leaf–wrapped parcels of noodles bathed in house-made tamarind sauce, mixed tableside with chiles, Chinese chives, bean sprouts, and bitter banana flowers.

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This dish literally translates to “red light stir fried morning glory.” The red light refers to the flames that leap up while cooking this dish on a wok, as well as the red Thai chilis that freckle the dish. Morning glory is a relatively neutral tasting veggie, so this dish dresses it up in a fermented soy bean, oyster sauce, and soy sauce gravy. Eat this with a bowl of rice porridge for a filling Thai breakfast. Mango Tree, Thai Restaurant London serving Authentic Thai Cuisine or Thai Food
Are you sick of those wide rice noodles yet? (No.) "These are basically pan-fried rice noodles with egg, Chinese broccoli, and your protein of choice," says Tila. The star ingredient is what sets this dish apart from laad na: a sweet soy sauce made with molasses. "It's nice and dark, with a sweet-salty balance." In fact, Tila thinks this dish is a shining example of the inherent complexity of Thai food. "I don't think that Americans have made Thai food too sweet—it's just that the spice and acid are often missing. And anyway, if it's not a little sweet it's not authentically Thai." This dish often hits the bullseye.

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We dropped in for lunch and it was a delicious surprise with excellent food. The Tom Yom soup is delicious. The spice was perfect for level 2. Their pad Thai was excellent. The chicken satay was well done and I could taste that the peanut sauce is homemade. They have a unique dish Malay vegetable. You may not find it in other Thai places. Loved the taste. They seemed busy with crowd so the wait was little longer than expected. But for a small mom and pop shop, that is understandable with a big party there. Enjoy your food there. Ting
Kai jeow is the unsung hero of Thailand. Every Thai kid has grown up on this wok fried omelette, which can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients. The two fillings I love most are the moo sab -- garlicky, peppery ground pork -- or nam -- a sour, fermented Thai sausage. The trick to getting a perfect kai jeow is cook over very high heat, resulting in a crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside egg dish. You’ll never be able to go back to regular omelettes after this.
Rosa's is a popular mini chain of 13 Thai restaurants across London and I visited the brightly decorated Soho location. Chef Saiphin prides herself on creating authentic Thai dishes reminiscent of the cooking on her family farm back in Khao Kho. While the much loved green curry is perfectly cooked and a firm bestseller here, our favorite was the beef massaman curry packed with potatoes, cashew nuts and fragrant spices. A close second dish was "drunken" flat noodles (guay tiew pad kee mao) stir fried with basil, peppercorn and galangal. And I never tire of the famous stir fried noodle dish, Pad Thai, an excellent version of which is on offer at Rosa’s.

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This downtown Minneapolis skyway lunch gem is by the daughter and son-in-law of On’s (see below). Because it’s a skyway spot it’s only open from 10 a.m.–3 p.m. weekdays, and because it’s a skyway spot they have a so-so lunch buffet that you should skip. Instead, call ahead and order a laab, a red curry, or a Tom Yum soup from the regular menu. Isn’t it amazing?! A serious power move is leaving work early and taking some curry to go for a Friday night couch feast. 811 Lasalle Ave. #207, Mpls., 612-332-0260, padgapow.com FridayNightUKspecial 1280 x 720
Thai cuisine contains a spectrum of flavors and textures so vast that no two dishes are ever the same. Even tried-and-true dishes -- like everyone’s favorite, pad thai -- is open to interpretation and varies in preparation across the different provinces in Thailand. Thailand’s four regions -- Northern, Central, Southern, and Isaan or Northeastern -- each possess unique cultures, dialects, and treasured cuisines. The specialities within each region rely on the varying resources found within their respective environments: seafood and fresh coconuts in the South, mountain veggies and herbs in the North, intense chilis and sticky rice in the Northeast, and a hodgepodge of all those ingredients at the center. Street Food in Uzbekistan - 1,500 KG. of RICE PLOV (Pilau) + Market Tour in Tashkent!

This is a favorite in my family, and for good reason. It’s a fried rice dish that’s been tossed together with kapit -- fermented ground shrimp and salt -- until the aromatic shrimp paste coats the entirety of the rice. Unlike typical fried rice dishes that are studded with meats and veggies sauteed all together, khao kluk kapit’s accompaniments are served as a myriad of toppings: sour, unripe mango, sweet Chinese sausage (the best addition in any fried rice), shallots, chilis, thinly sliced omelette, dried shrimp, and marinated pork. This makes for a dish that is equally colorful as it is delicious, and no two bites are the same. Authentic Thai Recipe for Lemongrass Tea with Pandan Leaf
You’ll find a slew of excellent Thai dishes at this Richardson strip mall spot, but the afternoon Thai tea service is not to be missed. Macarons from Haute Sweets patisserie, chai tea panna cotta, and an assortment of Thai teas (lotus, chrysanthemum, and ginger among others) makes for a delicious and fancy afternoon. Thai tea service is available on Saturdays starting at 2 p.m. and reservations are required.
I found this website looking for a pad thai recipe using konjac noodles. I made this recipe and it’s actually better than most pad thai I’ve eaten at thai restaurants. I added in some lemongrass and made mine with chicken, shrimp, and tofu. VERY good. I have since also tried another recipe from your blog – the super fudgey brownies and also my favorite brownie recipe! Thanks!

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