Lol! So happy to hear you’re enjoying the recipes Donna! Peanuts aren’t paleo because they’re a legume, but they’re lower in carbs than almonds so technically keto? There are different thoughts on this, I say go with what your own body says (for instance, they work great for me but cause immediate inflammation for my mom who has arthritis). Hope this helped xo! Yumyum, Stoke Newington - Gordon Ramsay
Having a drink is a great way to pass the time while you are deciding what to order. The waiter might ask “Would you like to start with a drink?” and you can reply “Yes, we’d like (type of drink) while we decide on our food.” If you order a bottle of wine, the waiter might ask “Would you like to taste the wine?” when he opens the bottle for you. If you like it, you can reply “Yes, that’s fine.” The F Word Best Local Thai Restaurant - Gordon Ramsay
Kana moo krob is the perfect way to get your greens in while still entertaining your tastebuds. The dish is composed of Chinese broccoli stir fried over high heat with garlic, chili, and crispy pork belly, which is then tossed in a soybean and oyster sauce gravy that is a winning combination of sweet and salty. Eat this with a plate of steamed jasmine rice and you’re in business.

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As demand for online ordering grows among restaurant consumers, so has the need for independent restaurants to find solutions that let customers browse their menus, select options and pay for their carryout or delivery orders online. There are several restaurant ordering systems available that essentially let you input your menu information to create a simple ordering platform you can include on your own website or mobile app. Here are some of the top restaurant ordering system options to consider. Thai Kitchen Bowl in Fontana - PR Video
This family-owned neighborhood spot at Pico-Robertson isn’t just on this list because the food is excellent. It’s on this list because it’s pretty romantic too. With white tablecloths and a glass-enclosed wine rack in the back, Si Laa has a more upscale feel than others on this list. Prices are still reasonable, the waitstaff is insanely friendly, and pat yourself on the back - you just nailed date night. The crispy duck and “hidden treasure” are must-orders. GrowthAccelerator Hyper Growth Case Study: Rosa's Thai Cafe
I will admit that I am less expert in Thai cuisine than most of the other food styles I write about, but I have been to Thailand, and as the guest of the nation’s visitor board was taken by a gastronomically obsessed tourism official to a slate of his favorites to wow me with Thai cooking, and Nahm is better than anything I had in Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Samui, or any of the other places we visited. I’ve also eaten in this country’s most acclaimed Thai eateries, from New York to Las Vegas, and they can’t touch Nahm. Conor Maynard Cooking At YumYum Thai Restaurant

P.F. Chang’s Chicken Pad Thai is a recent recipe addition to the menu. I ran a few tests based on a corporate training video that was posted online which gives away the basic recipe and cooking methods, but with all the ketchup it was too inauthentic for my tastes. If you would like me to make a copycat of the recipe I’d be happy to give it a try, but I’m pretty confident if you all love authentic pad thai, you will love this recipe. Yum Yum Sab - Oktober 2016
This Elmhurst watering hole feels like a makeshift Bangkok bar filtered through an acid trip, what with its stuffed-animal lamp, disco light in the bathroom, and cruise-ship-style drinks inspired by dishes like tom yum. There’s a weeknight menu of fusion-y bar food, like a huge bowl of airy chicharrónes with a sweet-and-funky sauce, which is fine. (Along with the bar, they now run Pata Café, a daytime establishment with bubble tea, American snacks, and Thai dishes like num tok beef salad.) The food to seek out, though, are the noodles served by co-owner Satika “Cherry” Kanchanamusik on weekend afternoons until it runs out. (Try to check the bar’s Facebook page or call ahead, as sometimes she does events instead.) There’s a Warheads-level-sour tom yum soup, with pork and fish balls bobbing around, and a “dry” variation; a ruddy num tok, the pork-blood-enriched soup, that might be best in the neighborhood now that Plant Love House has decamped for Brooklyn; and a gravylike stewed pork belly that is as comforting as any Bolognese. Popular Videos - Stoke Newington & Food
If you cannot eat certain things because of your religion or health, check the menu carefully. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are usually marked but if not you can point at the dish on the menu and ask the waiter “Does this contain meat/nuts/dairy?” to find out if it’s OK for you to eat. Or, when the waiter gives you the menu, you can say “I can’t eat _____, which dishes would you recommend for me?”
Book a table on the phone or ask for a table by saying “We’d like a table for 5, please.” This will let the waiter know how many people to expect. The waiter might ask “How many people are in your party?” In this question ‘party’ means ‘group’ not ‘celebration’. If you’re in a country where people are allowed to smoke in restaurants, the waiter might ask if you’d like to sit in the smoking or non-smoking section. If you’re in a hot country, the waiter may ask if you’d prefer to sit indoors or outdoors. Make it clear exactly where you want to sit for a perfect meal.

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Aloy Thai’s menu offers an array of popular Thai favorites that includes everything from meals once made for royalty to appetizers and noodle dishes often found in the carts of street vendors in the kingdom. Harnessing the full-range of Naka dishes, local favorites such as drunken noodles, flavor filled curries and, of course, their ever popular Pad Thai continue to satiate both new visitors and old-time regulars who have come to appreciate the best in South Asian fare.

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